What's the benefit of creating a biblio instead of uploading the paper file and link to it?

When you create a biblio item, you enter the name of authors, publisher, keywords, publishing date, etc. These information enable

  • users
    • to search based on this topic: list papers and books of an author, list conference papers which is published on a field (based on a keyword).
    • to get a bibtex, RIS, EndNote bibliography files which enables you to manage references in paper writing process
    • to write a review based on the biblio page
    • to see relevant contents (based on the keywords) when he is viewing the biblio page.
  • admin
    • to see reports based on the paper files each user uploaded
  • website
    • to protect the paper files from guest/anonymous user who should not be able to download the book/paper file
    • to protect the paper files from search engines to index it!