UDDP: A User Datagram Dispatcher Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

TitleUDDP: A User Datagram Dispatcher Protocol for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsAghdam, S. M., M. Khansari, H. R. Rabiee, and M. Salehi
Conference NameThe 9th Annual IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference -Special Session on Multimedia Content Delivery Networks
Date Published01/2012
Conference LocationLas Vegas, NV, USA
KeywordsEnergy aware, Inter-arrival pattern, Transport layer, Video Transmission, WMSN
AbstractThe quality of service in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks (WMSN) is related to packet loss rate. Recently different studies have been done on developing efficient protocols in the transport layer for controlling packet loss in WMSN. However, all of these protocols are independent of the characteristics of multimedia content. In this paper, a novel transport layer protocol, called User Datagram Dispatcher Protocol (UDDP), is proposed to minimize the packet loss ratio in WMSN by considering traffic characteristics, the inter-arrival pattern of packets and packet priority. UDDP is a new cross-layer transport layer that uses information of MAC and application layers to distribute packet arrivals in a GOP. The experimental results show that our protocol provides performance improvement in terms of high video quality, packet loss, energy conservation and delay compared to other protocols such as CCF and PCCP.
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