Peer to Peer Compressive Sensing for Network Monitoring

TitlePeer to Peer Compressive Sensing for Network Monitoring
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsFattaholmanan, A., H. R. Rabiee, P. Siyari, A. Soltani-Farani, and A. Khodadadi
JournalIEEE Communications Letters
Date Published09/2014
Type of ArticleLetter
KeywordsCompressive Sensing, Network Monitoring, Network Tomography, Peer to Peer Networks
AbstractMonitoring large-scale networks is a critical yet challenging task. Enormous number of nodes and links, limited power, and lack of direct access to the entire network, are the most important difficulties. In applications such as network routing, where all nodes need to monitor the status of the entire network, the situation is even worse. In this letter, a collaborative model in which nodes pick up information from measurements generated by other nodes, is proposed. Using this model, for the first time, an upper bound is derived for the number of measurements that each node must generate, such that the expected number of measurements observed by each node is sufficient to provide a global view of the entire networked data. Finally, by using this upper bound, an efficient optimization method is introduced to minimize the total number of measurements. The feasibility and accuracy of the proposed method is verified through extensive numerical simulations.
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