Frequently Asked Questions

Click on "Current Week report" menu in "Weekly Report" block. You can upload your report for this week.

If you passed "soft deadline", there is a link in home page for a faster access.

Click on "All Weekly Reports" in "Weekly Report" block.

To see a list of publications of a user find his profile(using the Members menu In Users and Groups block and clicking on his picture). Then, click on the Publications tab.

As each user can have only one corresponding author in the site, this may happen because of different spelling of your name as the author of publications.  You can, therefore, contact the admin of site to merge different authors' record.

When you create a biblio item, you enter the name of authors, publisher, keywords, publishing date, etc. These information enable

  • users
    • to search based on this topic: list papers and books of an author, list conference papers which is published on a field (based on a keyword).
    • to get a bibtex, RIS, EndNote bibliography files which enables you to manage references in paper writing process
    • to write a review based on the biblio page
    • to see relevant contents (based on the keywords) when he is viewing the biblio page.
  • admin
    • to see reports based on the paper files each user uploaded
  • website
    • to protect the paper files from guest/anonymous user who should not be able to download the book/paper file
    • to protect the paper files from search engines to index it!

Filling the biblio fields is a boring task! In the new version you can add a biblio item simply using the following methods:

  • find the bibtex text of the paper. click on Create Content  > Biblio, open the paste group box and paste the bibtex text
  • find the DOI for the paper. Click on Create Content > Biblio , and copy it in the DOI Lookup box. Click on Populate Using DOI button. The module finds data of the fields using site.
  • create/find a bibtex/RIS/End note file and use Biblio Import menu to import the biblio properties.

Note that before saving the item select Biblio Type field correctly.